Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts (JCAM).  Twenty-five years ago, when faced with the specter of abandoned Jewish cemeteries, the Jewish community banded together under the leadership of the Synagogue Council -- supported by JCRC and CJP -- and formed JCAM, the Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts. 



Today the abandoned cemeteries have been restored and are well-maintained. As the standard bearer for all the area Jewish cemeteries, JCAM sets its sights high for the level of care it provides, advising cemeteries on a host of cemetery maintenance procedures. The JCAM staff is aggressive in pursuing new methods of caring for the cemeteries from grounds and equipment maintenance, purchasing and all other aspects of the industry. Now an independent entity, JCAM has its own office suite on Wells Avenue in Newton. 

To learn more about JCAM, please visit their web site.