Under the talented leadership of Roberta Hoffman, chair, and Rabbi Judith Kummer, Executive Director, the Jewish Chaplaincy Council of Massachusetts (JCCM) has made wonderful progress in providing pastoral care for our community. 

With funding from the Combined Jewish Philantropies and area hospitals, JCCM provides chaplaincy services to Jewish patients and their families in 10 acute, chronic and rehabilitation hospitals within the CJP area. JCCM chaplains also visit Jewish residents, most of whom are quite isolated, in15 non-Jewish nursing homes in the Greater Boston area. JCCM chaplains provide pastoral services -- such as bedside visits and Shabbat and holiday programming to hospital patients and nursing home residents -- seeking to help those whose physical situations present them with spiritual challenges. Approximately 17,000 visits are made yearly in the many and varied institutions that comprise the health delivery system in the Boston area. 

JCCM chaplains also advocate on behalf of patients and residents. Additionally, they educate volunteers and staff in the institutions they serve regarding traditional Jewish practices, training them to be sensitive to the needs of Jewish patients. 

For more information, call or email Rabbi Judith Kummer at (617) 244-6506 ext. 14.