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Jewish Continuity

The Synagogue Council and the congregational movements, in partnership with Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP) and its agencies, have been an integral part of the trailblazing work of the Greater Boston Jewish community's extensive Jewish continuity agenda. This includes five major community-wide initiatives:

  1. Sh'arim - providing Family Educators to synagogues, day schools and JCCs
  2. ME-AH - an intensive adult Jewish learning initiative coordinated by Hebrew College
  3. YESOD - the Youth Educator Initiative - enhancing congregational youth work, coordinated by SCM and the Bureau of Jewish Education
  4. JRNI (the Jewish Resource Network Initiative)
  5. ACE (Advancing Congregational Education).

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An online version of a booklet describing the 14 Jewish Day Schools in Greater Boston can be down loaded by clicking here.