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Kolotis comprised of women who share a Buy gabapentin Online Overnight shipping commitment to the study of text and the principles of dialogue and Klal Yisrael (Jewish Unity).

Kolotprovides a forum for committed women from across the denominational Buy Adderall Online Without Prescription spectrum to come together to study and share common ground. The series is a journey in Jewish learning and spirituality, exploring Jewish values with the ultimate goal of developing personal relationships through dialogue.

Women interested in the joy of Jewish study through community experience Buy Hydrocodone Online and personal exploration are encouraged to attend this series which will begin in November, 2004.

Programs are held on Wednesday mornings from 9:30-11:30 a.m.

Temple Emanuel, 385 Ward Street, Newton Centre

For further information, please call:
Synagogue Council of Massachusetts (617) 244-6506, ext. 14