Our History

ONE COMMUNITY, MANY BRANCHES: An Historical overview of the Synagogue Council of Massachusetts

In recent years, many of us have created family genealogies or attended family reunions in an effort to learn more about who we are and where we came from. In a similar manner, this extensive and caring effort by Alan Teperow to recount the origins and history of SCM provides us with a gratifying opportunity to discover our roots and better understand how we have grown and developed as a multilayered Jewish community. Ultimately, what we can learn from the history which has shaped us should serve as a guide to how we can wisely fashion our future.

We are very proud of this history of the SCM, written by Executive Director Alan Teperow during his sabbatical in honor of 25 years of service to the organization. The same creativity, enthusiasm and sensitivity that Alan has always brought to his Synagogue Council work is reflected on every page.

We hope you will enjoy reading the book while learning more about this unique organization. Download a PDF file of the book, or contact our office for a printed copy.