Unity Mission 2014, Quotes and Photos



“All of you, and the visits in all places we have been, added another layer of love, acceptance and hope in my life.”

“Just as an aside, I must say I have been involved with SCM events (some might say more “enmeshed” than merely involved ….) since my first Shabbaton back in 2000 and each one always had moving, challenging moments that interrupted any sleepwalking.”  

“Thanks to my fellow travelers for the many moments of connection and exploration we shared together.”

“We davened and learned together, shared our varying paths and our differences, and in two days we had become a community.”

“It was great sharing this spiritually uplifting experience with like-minded people all striving for personal growth within the diverse settings of our Jewish community.”

“However our practices might vary, we are bound together by thousands of years of Jewish written sources and codified prayers.”

“Regardless of our denomination, from chavurah to Chabad, we all have an interest in creating a language of meaning, spirituality, and connection that meets people where they are.”

“It is transformative to learn how we can be diverse and unified at the same time.”  

“I liked the attitude that we should all make an effort to make everyone feel included and comfortable with their way of Judaism. My experience was that the Judaism for itself is what matters.”

“Stereotypes I may have had about denominations other than my own have been shattered.”

“These trips have been a great gift to the Jewish community and have undoubtedly had an immense role in the leadership development of so many of our leaders today.”

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