The AREV MA Initiative

We are so proud of what we have accomplished with our keynote program and gathering, “Empowering Women’s Leadership”. This is only the beginning. We are launching an initiative cultivating innovative leadership and women’s mentorship, an initiative that will truly “move the needle.”  This effort represents Synagogue Council’s next major step, which is both forward looking, and honors our history by continuing the legacy of one of our community’s most beloved figures, Anita Redner z”l. 


Synagogue Council has established a grant-making initiative meant to incubate young and innovative leadership, and women’s mentorship, in congregations throughout the state. This endeavor is consonant with our mission to support congregations as vital centers of Jewish life. The initiative is named AREV MA, AREV of Massachusetts. AREV is Hebrew word that can be translated both as “connected” or “beautiful.” In our case, it also stands for Anita Redner Empowerment Vehicle.  Anita had an immeasurable impact on everyone she touched, and we aim to perpetuate that legacy. Through AREV MA, we will distribute $1800 grants and, along with the funds, provide support and resources for recipients to maximize the impact of their new programs.  In the first year, we will give out four $1800 grants and we have a dynamic, talented, multi-generational AREV MA steering team who will set up the protocols, make the granting decisions, and act as stewards to the awardees. 

The AREV MA Steering Team

Mary Akerson

Laura Cohen

Sara Gardner

Rabbi Eric Gurvis

Elizabeth Pressman

Rebecca Redner

Leah Robins