Annual Tribute Celebration 2014 with Quotes and Photos

Annual Tribute Celebration Pays Special Tribute

Alan Teperow Makes a Dramatic Announcement and Surprises Marilin Lipman for 15 Years at SCM

Temple Aliyah in Needham was the venue for this year's Annual Tribute Celebration, held on June 11, 2014 with close to 300 people in attendance.  A magical evening was enjoyed by friends and family of our honorees — Leonard Davidson, Rabbi Sara Paasche-Orlow and Benjamin Sigel — as well as leaders of the Greater Boston Jewish community, SCM Board members and supporters, and those who came to surprise Marilin Lipman who had just completed 15 years with the Synagogue Council.

Of particular note was Alan Teperow's special announcement that he is retiring next year which will "be the end of an era and the beginning of a new one, filled with hope and renewal as this organization transitions to a new generation of community leaders."  For Alan's remarks, or to view the entire evening’s festivities, click here. Or read the front page article in the Jewish Advocate about Alan's announcement.




“Our collaboration with the SOAR consultants was particularly important in view of Alan’s pending retirement.  The model for successful leadership transition is actually in Tanakh – from Moses to Joshua… Moses, who of course had prophetic power, asks God to appoint his successor, God instructs Moses to select Joshua, and Joshua’s success, because of his Divine selection, is pretty much assured.  Well,  Alan has many outstanding leadership qualities, but unfortunately the prophetic power of Moses is not among them.   So we worked with the SOAR group to develop what we know will be a successful leadership transition plan and have begun to prepare for the search for Alan’s successor… for the next generation, and to continue to be what you will see – a vibrant, dynamic organization intensely dedicated to the ideal of a pluralistic community and to the congregations that are the backbone of that community. “

Arnie Zaff, SCM President

“… Tonight we pay homage to those who recognize that where there are gaps we can imagine and build the bridges; we realize that in our communities there may be differences, but we can focus on and be strengthened by the similarities; we understand that though we may face challenges, we can find and create opportunities.  Like Joshua and Caleb, we see in the process of envisioning a better future and taking steps to make it happen, a way to reach our own lands of milk and honey.   And so I thank you all for making tonight so very sweet.”

Leonard Davidson

“…Heschel writes in Quest for God, “Only  one response can maintain us: gratefulness  for witnessing the wonder, for the gift of our unearned right to serve, to adore, and to fulfill...” I am indeed filled with wonder tonight… and am blessed with the gift of the unearned right to serve.  Our elders have been an inspiration and it is a blessing to be able to serve in times of trouble/Tzuris, and in times of rejoicing/Simcha.  And to all of you have gathered here – I share with you words that we chaplains are blessed with every day: I am so glad you are here with me...”
Rabbi Sara Paasche-Orlow

"If we want Jewish unity to be more than a dream; if we want that description of our twelve tribes camped peaceably alongside one another to be a Jewish reality, we have to support communal organizations that seek to help us work together in the face of the centrifugal forces confronting us, groups such as Synagogue Council. We must never take the Council for granted. Others like it used to exist, but they no longer do. Under Alan Teperow's wise, thoughtful, and dedicated leadership, the Council has sought to build bridges rather than destroy them, and, without ignoring or dismissing the principled differences that divide us, to bring us together, and to help us reach beyond our own particular interests."

Rabbi Carl Perkins
Temple Aliyah, Needham

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