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A major concern in the Torah, is ritual purity and contamination, Tum'ah.  The Torah emphasizes numerous guidelines to avoid transmission and spread of Tum'ah contamination --- appropriate garments, isolation of contaminated individuals, avoiding primary and secondary contact, and washing.  The Torah's concerns mirror our own, as consider the implications of the Covid - 19 Coronavirus outbreak.  


In line with our mission and roles, Synagogue Council is making available a set of precautions specifically designed for synagogues. These guidelines were carefully prepared on our behalf by Ethan Mascoop, MPH, MUA, RS; Adjunct Clinical Instructor, Environmental Health, School of Public Health, Boston University. In addition to his guidelines, he has provided supplementary resource materials recommended for use by synagogues. We are grateful to Ethan for his time and expertise. All of these documents can be downloaded below:


Click on the following link to see an informational video detailing the impact of airborne droplets in the spread of germs:

Informational Documents

Synagogue Council covid-19

Safety Protocols for Synagogues

3 Compartment Sink Setup

Department of Public Health

Sanitizer Requirements

Food Code

Food Code Supplement

Cooking for Groups

Informational Flyers

Wash your hands!

Wash your hands so you can stop germs

Your health is in your clean hands

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