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"Daf Yomi" - Exploring the Daily Page of Talmud Together

Our weekly Daf Yomi class meets each Friday/Erev Shabbat morning at our Council office in Newton (1320 Centre Street, 3rd Floor). Now in its fourth year, it is led by our past-President, Dr. Jesse Hefter of Brookline. The class, led in English and accessible to everyone, is open to women and men of all backgrounds and follows the world-wide cycle of daily Talmud study. We meet from 7:30-8:30 AM. The Winter Semester starts on Friday, February 5 and runs until March 26 (8-weeks). The subject matter will be both from the Tractate of Bava Batra (Property and Tort Law) and Sanhedrin (Court and Witness Law). Our discussions, much as the Talmud often does, cover a wide and stimulating array of subjects! You can join the "chevra" at ANY time!

The International Cycle of Daf Yomi (a page of talmud studied each day) was initiated by Rabbi Meir Shapiro of the Lubliner Yeshiva on September 11, 1923. The 2,711 pages of the talmud requires about 7 and a half years to complete on a "page-a-day" pace. The same page of Talmud is learned around the world by thousands of Jews in dozens of languages, in synagogues, homes, buses, cars, trains, and offices, and studied via classes, audio and video tapes, iPod and Palm downloads, and over the Internet. Come join us this Winter; secure online registration is available We welcome you to drop in for free one morning to try it out and there's always good coffee!

To register for this really unique program (we don't know anywhere else in the world where Jews of so many different backgrounds are gathering for this learning), click our secure, online Paypal link below...

If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail.

"Daf Yomi" - Expanding to Hebrew SeniorLife Housing Center

We were privileged during July 2009 to have the special opportunity to bring the Daf Yomi class to residents at Hebrew SeniorLife in West Roxbury, MA. A three-week pilot, organized by Rabbi Sara Pasche-Orloff, the chaplain, together with Jesse Hefter, our Council Daf Yomi Instructor/Volunteer, brought together 15-20 residents, ranging in age from their late 80s to over one-hundred. For many of the students, this was their first time EVER learning Talmud! We continue to have the Daf Yomi every several weeks on Sunday mornings from 10:30-11:30 AM in the Rabb Beit Knesset. Remarked Dr. Hefter, "It is simply amazing to watch the students light up as we discuss Talmudic concepts and Torah Law and hear them share practical experiences that relate to the discussion. They really get into it!"