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  The Synagogue Council of Massachusetts is governed by an Executive Board comprised of equal numbers of representatives from the three main streams of Judaism, with a proportionate number of Reconstructionist representatives. In addition, the Board has rabbinic representatives from the four denominational groups, as well as the Massachusetts Board of Rabbis, and a representative of the New England Board of Cantors. There are also three at-large positions to broaden the scope and diversity of the Board. The day-to-day management of the organization is carried out by the Officers -- also denominationally diverse in composition -- in partnership with a small professional staff.

Listings (updated June 21, 2011)


OFFICERS 2011-2013

  • Sharon Levinson, President
  • Arnold Zaff, Vice-President
  • Dr. Fred Cohen, Vice-President
  • Elizabeth Pressman, Treasurer
  • Jay Sage, Assistant Treasurer
  • Sandra Slavet, Secretary
  • Lauren Gabovitch, Assistant Secretary
  • Richard G. Shulman, Past-President
  • Anita Zetlan Redner, Past-President
  • Dr. Jesse Hefter, Past-President


  • Dr. Herbert Birnbaum - Orthodox Jewish Congregations
  • Cantor Sheila Cline - New England Board of Cantors
  • Liz Corman Shiro - Union for Reform Judaism
  • Lauren Gabovitch - Jewish Reconstructionist Federation
  • Michelle Gary - Israel Liaison
  • Elisha Gechter - Orthodox Jewish Congregations
  • Samuel Gechter - Independent Minyanim
  • Rabbi Barry David Hartman - Vaad Harabonim
  • Barnet Kessel - Young Adult Liaison
  • Rabbi Abraham Morhaim - Rabbinical Assembly
  • Naomi Osher - Orthodox Jewish Congregations
  • Michael Rosenberg - United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
  • Larry Saloman - United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
  • Rabbi Benjamin Samuels - Vaad Harabonim
  • Rabbi Rachel Saphire - Boston Area Reform Rabbis
  • Dan Schneider - Union for Reform Judaism
  • Rabbi Benjamin Shalva - Mass. Board of Rabbis
  • Rabbi Norbert Weinberg - Vaad Harabonim


  • Alan Karlsberg, z"l
  • Rabbi Howard K. Kummer, z"l
  • Rabbi Paul Menitoff
  • Alan J. Tichnor, z"l
  • Rabbi David Wolfman
  • Aaron L. Kischel


  • Alan Teperow - Executive Director (Synagogue Council of Massachusetts)
  • Rabbi Abraham Halbfinger - Executive Director (Kashruth Commission)
  • Rabbi Judith Kummer - Director of Chaplaincy Services (Jewish Chaplaincy Council of Massachusetts)
  • Stanley Kaplan - Executive Director (Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts)
  • Marilin Lipman - Assistant Director (Synagogue Council of Massachusetts)

Past Presidents

  • Richard G. Shulman
  • Anita Zetlan Redner
  • Dr. Jesse Hefter
  • Ruth C. Glazerman
  • Richard Wissoker
  • Dr. Matthew Zizmor
  • Laura Dickerman
  • Keith R. Osher
  • Marshall Schneider
  • Lillian Shulman
  • Alan M. Edelstein
  • Irving Belansky
  • Norman Koss, z"l
  • Robert Kahn


  • Alan Teperow, Executive Director
  • Marilin Lipman, Assistant Director
  • Ellen Michelson, Program Associate
  • Paul Kelly, Administrator
  • Terry Goldzier, Bookkeeper

Affiliated Organizations Staff

  • Rabbi Abraham Halbfinger, Kashruth Commission
  • Rabbi Judith Kummer, Jewish Chaplaincy Council of Massachusetts
  • Stanley Kaplan, Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts
  • Aliza Kline, Mayyim Hayyim