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Our Featured Member Synagogue for September-October 2006 is Congregation Kehillath Israel of Brookline (Conservative) that is currently celebrating its 90th anniversary.


Kehillath Israel (KI) is a vibrant Conservative congregation, egalitarian yet traditional, promoting a Judaism that is accepting, wise, morally powerful, and intellectually alive. KI is an example of diversity working in harmony. The uniqueness of this urban/suburban synagogue is due in large part to the advantages of its human and physical environment which attracts a wide range of constituencies. KI is a place where diverse groups come together to pray, learn and find community. The resulting culture of the Kehillah is both engaging and accepting, deriving vigor from the gifts of an ever-widening circle.

KI is first and foremost a Makom Torah -- a place where we read a new Jewish book as a community each year and where opportunities for learning are present in a broad array of contexts, including Me-ah and adult education offerings, teaching and discussion during shabbat services, and guest lectures.

KI is a davening community, that values spirituality and prayerful moments at daily minyan, encourages lay participation, values liturgical, ritual and musical traditions and experiments with new ones (e.g. Seudah Shlishit in the park, Panim Hadashot post huppah Aliyah, fruit of the womb celebration for new babies in the sukkah, and the trial of Haman on Purim)

KI is very much a place that takes Gemilut Hasadim seriously, in the shul community, the Jewish community and community at large. It is a place that organizes Shiva minyanim in people's homes, hosts domestic violence and infertility support groups and coordinates distribution of food packages for Family Table. KI is a also community where people enjoy spending time together, blending Jewish culture with the rich resources of Greater Boston, whether at an Oneg Shabbat hosted by a congregant, a community game at Fenway Park on L'ag B'Omer, a lecture on biblical imagery at the Museum of Fine Arts, Selichot at Symphony Hall, or a shul dinner dance that is not organized primarily for fundraising purposes.

While many conservative shuls point to the hosting of "library minyanim" as evidence of their revitalization, KI's renewal permeates the entire synagogue membership.

To learn more about us, visit our website.

Congregation Kehillath Israel
384 Harvard Avenue
Brookline, MA 02151

Clergy: Rabbi William Hamilton