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Our Featured Member Synagogue for November 2006 is Temple Beth Am (Egalitarian) in celebration of their "Year of the Torah" -- offering special learning events and programming this year to honor the writing of a sefer Torah by the shul.


The name of our synagogue, Beth Am, translates into "House of" (Bet) "the People" (Am). It is the place where we, its congregants, its people, its guests, assemble to worship, study and meet as a community.

Temple Beth Am is affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, the Jewish Theological Seminary, the worldwide Conservative Movement in Judaism and the Synagogue Council of Massachusetts.

Originally, in 1950, only six Jewish families lived in Randolph . By 1953, the number had increased to thirty-five. At it's first meeting, this growing Jewish community chose as it's name "The Randolph Jewish Community Center". By 1954, this group had evolved into the "Randolph Hebrew Center, Inc." and the first religious service was organized. In 1955 the synagogue officially became known as "Temple Beth Am of Randolph-Holbrook" and subsequent to this a building on Liberty Street was acquired. The present site was purchased in 1958 and the ground-breaking ceremonies for our current building occurred in 1960.

Temple Beth Am, an egalitarian congregation, is proud to have one of the largest and most active congregations in the area. Within our building, facilities are provided for our active Seniors group, Sisterhood, Brotherhood, our Youth group and Religious School. Highlighting our community services are a variety of organizational activities, including a Kosher Hot Lunch Program and a variety of Adult Education programs.

To learn more about us, visit our website.

Temple Beth Am
871 N Main St
Randolph, MA

Clergy: Rabbi Loel M. Weiss; Cantor David Grossman