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Our Featured Member synagogue for April and May 2007 is Temple Sinai, a Conservative congregation in Marblehead. We are pleased to recognize Temple Sinai in honor of its 55th anniversary.

Conveniently located on Community Road hill along side the Jewish Community Center and Cohen Hillel Academy, Temple Sinai is a traditional Conservative synagogue with a progressive, egalitarian philosophy. With a history that spans over 50 years, the Temple Sinai family welcomes and encourages everyone to participate in our services. From the weekly alyah honors to the interactive K'nesset Katans, members of all ages are able to find a level of interaction and observance that feels comfortable for them.

Building on its original mission of Jewish Education, and strengthening egalitarian family values through strong community support, programming at Temple Sinai continues to promote activities that contribute to what the Temple On The Hill at the Seaside Community of Marblehead is all about. Bringing together Ritual, based on Conservative Principles and a sense of what a Family, whether single Moms or Dads or Spouses that have one, two or three siblings, has evolved to be in today's hectic world, our programs at Temple Sinai promote a sense of well-being, togetherness, and a positive outlook on life as it is today.

At Temple Sinai, there is something for everyone, with a variety of worship, social action, and learning opportunities that appeal to young and old, and those in-between. We proudly boast a diverse membership. From singles, to young couples, to empty nesters, to snowbirds, to same-sex couples, to mixed marriages and recent converts; Temple Sinai makes every effort to ensure all feel comfortable, welcome and are able to participate as much as possible.

Come visit with us! Stay a while!

For additional information, contact the synagogue office at 781-631-2763 or visit us at www.sinaimarblehead.org.

1 Community Road
Marblehead, MA 01945
Clergy: Rabbi Jonas Goldberg; Cantor David Aronson