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Unity Mission to Israel - 2007

Now is the time to register for SCM's 20th Anniversary Unity Mission...in Israel

In celebration of 20 Buy hydrocodone Online years of NY Missions, the Synagogue Council's Unity Mission in Eretz Yisrael -- January 3-14, 2007 -- will explore the complexities of religious life in Israel. Through a combination of visits to important sites of interest to meeting with some of Israel's most prominent rabbis and scholars, this trip will provide an unusual look at religious pluralism in Israel. Buy Ativan Online Without Prescription Buy Ivermectin Online Without Prescription Entitled, "The Seventy Faces of Torah: Contemporary Judaism in the State of Israel", the 11-day trip is open to the community on a first come-first served basis (contact our office for brochure and registration form (You can also securely register online).

The program, coordinated by Garber Travel and Keshet: The Center for Educational Tourism in Israel will be led by Yitzhak Sokoloff, Keshet's founder and Executive Director. We are also pleased to announce that Rabbi Peretz Rodman, a Jewish educator and current President of the Rabbinical Assembly (Conservative) in Israel, will be our Guest Scholar. Both Yitzhak and Peretz are former Bostonians now living in Israel.

Here is our tentative Buy gabapentin Online Overnight shipping itinerary (dates subject to change):

Wednesday, January 3 Departure from Boston
Thursday January 4

This Year in Jerusalem
  • B'ruchim Habaim - Welcome to Israel
  • Study Akedat Yitzhak and Ethical Monotheism at Jerusalem's Haas Promenade
  • Ir David - City of David: Jewish Political Morality
  • Visit the Kotel
  • Overnight: Prima Royale Hotel, Jerusalem
Friday, January 5 From Shoah to Redemption
  • Yad Vashem
  • We welcome our Haifa Unity Mission alums for the weekend.
  • Home hospitality program with veteran Ethiopian & Russian olim to hear the stories of their struggle for Aliyah and absorption in Israel
  • Kabbalat Shabbat at Shirah Hadashah-meeting with community leader/s
  • Shabbat dinner at the Hotel
  • Keynote Address by Hartman Institute official
  • Overnight: Prima Royale Hotel, Jerusalem
Shabbat, January 6

From the Four Corners of the Earth
  • Shabbat morning Tefilot at HUC, Moreshet Yisrael, Yedidyah, Kol Haneshamah and Shira Hadashah
  • Home Hospitality Lunch
  • Afternoon session: Jewish State or State of the Jews?
  • Overnight: Prima Royale Hotel, Jerusalem
Sunday, January 7 If you will it, it is no dream
  • The new Herzl Museum
  • Har Herzl - Israel's National Military Cemetery
  • Visit the TALI school in Bayit Vegan
  • Encounter with an urban kibbutz working to improve life in one of Jerusalem's poorest neighborhoods
  • Meet with representatives from Gesher, a center for Jewish enrichment and dialogue between Israeli Jews from different religious perspectives
  • Evening Panel with Israeli rabbinical students at the Fuchsberg Center for Conservative Judaism
  • Overnight: Prima Royale Hotel, Jerusalem
Monday, January 8 Far-reaching Changes in Israeli Society
  • Morning tefilot at Robinson's Arch (egalitarian) and the Kotel(mechitza)
  • Kotel Tunnels
  • Meet Rabbi Shlomo Riskin (depending on his availability)
  • Lunch at the innovative Carmei Ha'ir soup kitchen/restaurant, which feeds Jerusalem's needy with dignity
  • Beit Midrash study program at Elul or Tashma
  • Dinner Meeting with an Orthodox rabbi helping young secular couples with their marriage plans in a modern Orthodox setting
  • Spiritual Checkup program with educator/facilitator of the Pardes Institute
  • Overnight: Prima Royale Hotel, Jerusalem
Tuesday, January 9

To the Negev
  • Visit the desert home of Paula & David Ben Gurion at Kibbutz Sde Boker
  • Desert hike through the Central Negev Highlands. Consider why the Torah was given in the desert and what Elijah meant by a 'Still Small Voice'.
  • Creative Torah study with Debbie Golan of the pluralistic Beit Midrash Bamidbar and home hospitality dinner
  • Overnight: Holiday Inn Bayview Hotel, Haifa
Wednesday, January 10 The Seventy Faces of Torah
  • Visit the Talmudic city of Zippori where Rav Yehudah HaNasi compiled the Mishnah
  • Outlook over the Jezreel Valley from the Muchraka, where we remember Elijah's face-off with the priests of Ba-al
  • In Haifa, meet with members of the Vishnitz Hassidic community
  • Welcome dinner and home hospitality dessert with Boston-Haifa Connection (BHC) participants
  • Overnight: Holiday Inn Bayview, Haifa
Thursday, January 11

The Boston-Haifa Connection
  • Program at the Leo Baeck Education Center
  • Meet with Rav Sha'ar Yashuv Cohen, Chief Rabbi of Haifa
  • Site visits to BHC projects, including Shiluvim, a new BHC initiative serving the Ethiopian community of Haifa
  • Meet with Orthodox and secular participants of Tzav Pius - an organization dedicated to bridging gaps between secular and observant Jews
  • Dinner and program with members of Haifa's Conservative, Orthodox and Reform communites
  • Overnight: Holiday Inn Bayview, Haifa
Friday, January 12 The IDF and Jewish Values
  • Visit Yeshivat HaKibbutz HaDati at Maaleh Gilboa where students combine full army service with Torah study
  • Meet with officials of Gilboa Yeshiva and Kibbutz Lavi
  • Kabbalat Shabbat at Zefat's Carlebach Minyan
  • Gourmet Shabbat dinner in a private home in Tzfat's artist colony
  • Overnight: Rimonim Hotel, Tzfat
Shabbat, January 13

"Higher and Higher"
  • Shabbat morning Tefilot at Masorati Kehilat Shalvah or at one of Zefat's many other synagogues
  • Shabbat lunch at the hotel
  • Explore the narrow alleyways and synagogues of Tzfat
  • Havdallah
  • Meet a Kabalistic artist in his studio
  • Wine and cheese party with Klezmer concert
Sunday, January 14 Bashanah HaBa'ah
  • Transfer to airport for departing flight.

The 20th Anniversary Unity Mission is made possible, in part, by generous grants from CJP's Boston-Haifa Connection and Phyllis & Michael Hammer, Ruth & Leon Glazerman, David Begelfer & Bette Ann Libby, Marsha & Dr. Kenneth Tucker, and Dale & Arnold Zaff.

Mission Cost:

  • Full Package: $3100 pp less optional $350 CJP subsidy*
  • Land Only: $2100 pp less optional $350 CJP subsidy*
*Due to a generous grant from CJP's Boston-Haifa Connection, participants can choose to pay the reduced rate or may waive the subsidy as a tax-deductible gift to SCM.

Please use this link to register securely

We are very excited to be leading this special trip for our Jewish community, particularly those interested in exploring issues of unity and diversity in Israel. L'shanah Haba-ah B'Yerushalayim!!!