The Synagogue Council of Massachusetts

The LIMUD Center

a study center tailored for today's synagogue leaders which promotes the study of Jewish texts in a unique interdenominational setting.

Torah L'shma

Torah Study for its Own Sake

The Synagogue Council of Massachusetts is once again proud to offer


• a six-week program of Torah study and interdenominational dialogue •

Come together with Jews of diverse backgrounds to delve into classic textsunder the guidance of a master teacher!

Explore fascinating concepts and ideas for which you have always meant to make the time,but never have . . . until NOW!

Say not: when I have lesiure I will study, lest you may not have it!

--Pirkei Avot 2,4

From Tanach to Siddur:

An exploration of the relationship between Torah and Jewish Liturgy

Spring Semester


Sponsored by the Synagogue Council of Massachusetts

a joint venture of UAHC (Reform), USCJ (Conservative), Orthodox, and Reconstructionist congregations in Massachusetts

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to study Jewish texts with a dynamic and engaging teacher.

Learn what other Jews think, and strenghten your understanding of your own views.

Once again, the LIMUD Center is delighted to announce the faculty appointment of

Rabbi Alan Ullman

Rabbi Alan Ullman is the founder of the School for Jewish Studies in Worcester -- since 1988, an institution dedicated to the teaching of Torah to adults. Rabbi Ullman travels throughout New England, teaching "Torah as a spiritual life path for our time" to a variety of adult groups. The settings of these groups vary greatly; some are synagogue groups, some business groups, some are even church groups. Yet, each group is interested in the study of Torah as a way of guiding or informing its religious or spiritual journey. Rabbi Ullman also leads hiking and study trips to Israel for adults.

Course Description

This course will explore selected prayers and songs in relation to their origins and meanings,for a deeper understanding of the siddur.

Schedule & Location of Classes

All classes will be held on Sunday evenings, from 7:30 to 9:30 pm, at the offices of

the Synagogue Council of Massachusetts:

1320 Centre Street, Newton Centre, MA

* Please note that classes will not meet on 3/26 and 4/2, but will otherwise be meeting weekly.

3/12 Ma Tovu: An entry to prayer

3/19 Mishna Peah: Prayer as a vision of sacred life

4/9 Shema and V'ahavta: An exploration of God and love of God

4/16 Dayenu: A spiritual vision of the Exodus cycle

The Four Questions: A table of contents to the Passover Haggadah

4/23 Adon Olam and L'cha Dodi: The meaning behind the songs

4/30 Kaddish: The relationship between life, learning, death, and mourning

For more information call

Nicole Schuller

(617) 244-6506 x 16

or contact us via email at

[email protected]

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