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Massachusetts Board of Rabbis

5769 Membership Application

Rabbis who are current members-in-good-standing of a recognized Rabbinic Association (e.g. CCAR, RA, RRA, RCA, OHALA) are eligible for membership in the Massachusetts Board of Rabbis.

Rabbinic ordinees who are not members-in-good-standing of the aforementioned organizations may apply for membership in the Massachusetts Board of Rabbis by submitting an application to the Membership Committee and Executive Board of the MBR. In order to be considered for membership, such applications must meet the following criteria:

  1. The applicant must present three letters of recommendation. These letters must be from current members-in-good-standing of the MBR. At least one of these letters must be from a current member of the MBR Executive Board.
  2. The applicant must also present one letter from either a professor or other official of the ordaining body.
  3. Membership will be granted upon:
    • submission of the aforementioned letters,
    • a recommendation from the Membership Committee and
    • a majority vote of those members of the Executive Board of the MBR present and voting

NOTE: Those who have already been accepted into the MBR in the past need not re-apply, but we do ask that everyone complete the form (below).

Please fill out this application completely and enclose a check for $100* payable to MBR. Please indicate if any information should not be included in the MBR Directory. Membership information received prior to December 31, 2006 will be included in the 2007 membership directory.

Please circle one of the two choices:     Renewal     New Application

Name_____________________________ Date of Birth_____________________________

Spouse/Partner_____________________________ Anniversary_____________________________

Ordained (school/year)________________________________________/__________

National Rabbinic membership___________________________________________

Year that you began working at your current synagogue/institution_____________

Business Home
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Phone_____________________ Phone_____________________
E-mail_____________________ E-mail_____________________

Preferred mail address (circle one): Business      Home

Note: *All rabbis are invited to join the MBR at any level that is financially comfortable. Retired rabbis are not required to pay any dues to be listed as members, but are asked to send a donation of $36 to help defray costs. Please return this form, in any case, to indicate desire for membership.

____ Enclosed please find my MBR dues in the amount of $ , payable to MBR.

_____As a retired rabbi, I enclose a dues check for $36 payable to MBR.

______________________________________ ______________________
Signature Date

Mail to: MBR � 1320 Centre Street, Suite 306 � Newton, MA 02459


Personal/Professional Data: Name______________________________________

  1. Please let us know of any significant personal or professional milestones you will be celebrating during the coming year:

  2. We want to make it possible for colleagues to seek out others with whom they have a natural affinity. Please indicate any special areas of interest you might be willing to share with other MBR members (e.g. history, mysticism, Talmud, meditation, etc.):

MBR Meeting/Program Information

  1. To help us determine the best day and time to meet, please indicate your day off:___________________ and regular staff meeting day:______________________________
  2. Please let us know of suggestions you may have for topics/speakers for the coming year:

    I would be interested in joining a Committee or Task Force of the MBR. Please circle one or more committees you would like to join:

    • Public Policy

    • Program/Education

    • Care Network

    • Website

    • Mentorship