Our Moral Imperative: A Post-Chag Reflection

The Sukkah, a temporary structure, reminds us of the tenuous position that many throughout the world find themselves, facing housing and food insecurity, due to natural disasters and other circumstances.  This message was driven home quite dramatically because of the recent Merrimack Valley gas explosions.  With the holidays in our rear view, we still must hold the symbolism of Sukkot in our hearts and minds all year round, reminding us of our obligation to care for everyone in the community, the leaders and well-resourced  along with the less fortunate, “the wood-cutters and water-drawers,” and the “stranger” residing within our gates.   Thus the prophet Amos’ aspiration and moral imperative, to “raise the fallen booths… and repair the breaches” in our community fall upon us each and every day.  At SCM, we take this mandate seriously, and labor so that no individual or congregation falls through the cracks.  I urge you to stay connected and up to date with our programs and initiatives, and give generously to support our work on behalf of our Kehillah, our sacred collective.

David Bernat, PhD   Executive Director