Farmington Valley Jewish Congregation, Simsbury CT, is interested in donating over 500 copies of Gates of Repentance (It is the old Reform Machzor).

Please contact Rabbi Bekah Goldman, rabbibekah(at), for more information.

High Holiday Junior prayer books (40) dark blue, Prayer Book Press, 1951-56.
High Holiday Prayer books (250), Black,  Prayer book Press, Bridgeport, CT 1984
Prayer Books (300) Red.,Hebrew Publishing Co. NY, Philip Birnbaum, 1951
Supplemental Rdgs. for Yom Kippur (about 150-200) 35 pgs. apiece
Babylonian Talmud, (about 24 vol.) Vilna 1922.  Large, leather bound.
Encyclopedia Judaica (16 vol) in wood/glass case.

Temple Shaare Tefilah, Norwood, a conservative temple has closed after 100 years.
It has several prayer books and reference books available at no cost.

  • Sim Shalom prayerbook for Shabbat, weekday and festivals.  Published by Rabbinical Assembly.  46 copies plus 2 pulpit copies.

  • Machzor for High Holy Days. Published by Rabbinical Assembly.  154 copies plus two pulpit copies.

  • Hertz chumashim 20 copies.

  • Pentateuch with Rashi Commentary.  5 volumes.  By Rosenbaum and Silberman, Hebrew Publishing Company.

  • Prophets, Proverbs.  10 volumes  by Slotska, Soncino.

  • Small gilt-edged personal copy of Daily Prayers.

Contact: caturkewitz(at)

Temple Beth Am in Randolph is disposing of its library.
All books are available for immediate donation.
Please contact Stan Zoll at spzoll(at) for more information.