Alan Avery-Peck

Temple Israel of Natick

"Alan is technologically amazing and has been monitoring/hosting most of our Temple Zoom events. He creates Zoom chat rooms so that congregants can mingle with each other. He has planned many intergenerational high holiday services & small live events. He is warm and friendly and very inclusive. He has also taught a remarkable Zoom Talmud class as well as organizing many other types of events."
"Commander in Chief of Communications and Community best describes Alan’s extraordinary leadership! Alan’s hands-on, creativity, persistent attention to every detail, and ongoing commitment to internal, external, electronic, written, and personal communication between and among professionals, the congregation, and community from day #1 has enabled our congregation to "gather" and thrive during these times! Access to all that the temple has to offer has been made possible due to his energy, technology wizardry (control master during high holiday services), marshaling resources, and his writing successful grants including but not limited to the FEMA security grant."
"Alan has gone so far above and beyond anything we could have possibly hoped for. As president of TI of Natick, he has guided us through this crazy year overseeing the writing and submission of critical grants and funding opportunities that allowed the synagogue to continue functioning and programming remotely. He was instrumental in helping to line up the required people and equipment to create an amazing High Holiday Experience offering 3 choices for remote participation.
He had some excellent people working on each of these projects but I am confident that the results would never have been as wonderful as they were if not for his intelligence, calm demeanor and steadfast guidance. Yasher Koach and thank you"
"During these pandemic times, our president Alan Avery-Peck’s enthusiastic and visionary leadership has only grown. He has overseen grants, partial reopening, and planning the High Holidays. He has shepherded the congregation through every step of online davening, from being our Zoom master on shabbat, to coordinating every detail with our High Holiday production team."
"His presidency begun
Covid chaos then stung
He led with genuine warmth, transparency and clarity
Finding significant funding during the scarcity
No task too tedious, no job too small
He supported staff and encouraged volunteers all
A rapidly acquired intricate tech skill set
Guaranteed our Yom Tov would be beautifully heard, seen and met"
"His overall leadership has been outstanding. He has worked tirelessly to keep all of our employees working and being paid during this time. His leadership was critical in making the High Holiday services as successful as they were as well as the continued engagement throughout Sukkot."
"Temple Israel of Natick has been fortunate to have Alan Avery-Peck as its current President. Concerned with every aspect of synagogue life, Alan has devoted endless hours in the last COVID-blasted seven months to ensuring the continuity of his congregation's communal life. Almost single-handedly, he established and facilitated the livestream and Zoom components which brought the Fall holidays to our membership. The Temple Israel congregation salutes Alan Avery-Peck!"

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