Robin Metzger

Temple Aliyah, Needham

"Robin Metzger is the co-chair of our Ritual Committee. At the onset of the pandemic when we realized that the congregation had to go virtual, Robin quickly learned how to fully navigate the Zoom program, including hosting, screen sharing, and all sorts of logistics related to the program. She then taught her skills to as many many other congregants that she could. When High Holiday planning began, she continued to learn what had to be done to facilitate our providing a hybrid livestream/Zoom experience for the synagogue. Due to her enormous efforts everything worked. It is clear that without her hard work and commitment, we would not have succeeded in continuing as a community during the pandemic."
"When Temple Aliyah transitioned to virtual almost overnight, Robin took on the responsibility of running almost every Zoom experience. Her extraordinary skill, dedication and patience has pulled us through many challenging months, bringing us to an uplifting High Holiday season and new year. Without Robin, success would have been impossible."

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