Temple B'nai Israel, Revere

This synagogue opened in 1906 and has been in the same location near Revere Beach ever since.  It is the last of three large synagogues in Revere dating back to the early 20th century, and it is closing in May.  The leaders are very eager to find homes for their sacred objects.  The centerpiece is a large and lovely ark, and there are also other bimah furnishings, reading tables, art work and many pews.
If you are interested in any of these items, please contact:  templebnaiisrael@tbirevere.org.  First-come, first-served!
Carved Wooden Ark

full size, with additional "wings" on either side

Torah Stand - found a home

holds two Torahs

Large Reading Platform

33x22" at top, 22x16" at column, 45" high

Small Reading Tables - found a home
Tallis Stand - found a home
Small Wooden Ark

36x18x49 inches

Bimah Chairs--4

Standing Menorahs--2 - found a home

6-candle electric

Large Glass-Topped Wooden Display Table - found a home

34x22x46", with two drawers for tallesim and yarmulkes

Miscellaneous Decor
Flags on Stands - found a home

1 Israeli, 2 American

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